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Recent Updates

January 18th 2018 Update

Single Use Codes

Fixed issue where having a new line in the default message would disable the ability to email a code.

Fixed issue where the email that bulk codes are sent to was not being saved.

Single Use Codes Report

Added the ability to filter the Single Use Code report to used codes only.

Mobile App

Added the total item count for the App User, Claimed Deals and User Purchases grid.

January 16th 2018 Update

Single Use Codes

Added the ability to create a default message that can be sent when issuing a Single Use Code. The default message can be edited under the Code/Setup/Settings menu.

The Single Use Codes report now includes the email address that the code was sent to.

Mobile App

The App User, Claimed Deals and User Purchases grids have been updated. The new grids allow sorting and custom filtering on any field. The grids also include the ability generate a printable report of the grid.

Fixed an image selection issue with the App Deal form where the last image selected would appear on every deal form until the page was reloaded.

Loyalty Account Reactivation

Fixed a Loyalty Account reactivation issue where selecting the option to Bill Current Card (the “card on file”) would reactivate the account even if the transaction was declined. This affected E-xact accounts only.

December 13th 2017 Update

App Product Form

Added the ability to disable app products.

Fixed issue where the app product's price was not saving correctly.

Expiring Card Report

Fixed issue where expiring cards were not being displayed.

November 28th 2017 Update

Single Use Code Report

Fixed issue where the Single Use Codes report was not displaying all codes for a given date range.

October 24th 2017 Update

Equipment Status Widget

Fixed a display issue on the map widget

October 11th 2017 Update

Loyalty Account Reactivation

Removed “Bill Current Card” button from Setup Account Charge page if the Loyalty Account has no credit card on file.

Fixed issue where pressing the “Cancel” button on the E-xact form would throw an error.

Fixed issue where bad credit card data or a processing error returned by E-xact would cause the E-xact form to throw an error.

Fixed issue where inactive Loyalty Members where being added to the total billing amount for reactivation.

September 14th 2017 Update

Single Use Codes

To prevent abuse of the Single Use Code functionality in Hosted Solutions, the following changes were made.

  • The expiration period on single use codes will be limited to one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of issue.
  • The maximum amount of single use codes a Hosted Solutions user can batch generate in a single day will be one hundred (100).
  • The maximum amount of single use codes a Hosted Solutions user can generate one at a time in a single day will be an additional one hundred (100).

September 6th 2017 Update

App Deal Form

Fixed issue with the app deal form not saving when the end date field was empty and expiration date was “none” or “custom”.

Location Management

Fixed issue where “Not Reporting” was displaying in Location Management grid.

August 15th 2017 Update

Loyalty Account

Added the ability to automatically stop billing of loyalty accounts or members at the end of the current billing period. This is done by setting the loyalty account’s or member’s status to “End Billing Pending”.

Added the ability to charge additional funds when reactivating accounts that are “Inactive” or on “Credit Hold”. Use the Reactivate Account button on the Loyalty Account page.


Changed Invoice layout to fit a standard #8 5/8 double windowed envelope.

Moved Expiring Card report to Reporting Tab.

Additional Changes

An optional personal message can now be added when issuing a Single Use Code.

The Equipment Status widget now displays a status of “Not Reporting” for kiosks that stopped communicating with Hamilton Hosted Solutions.

July 18th 2017 Update

App Product Form

Made miscellaneous changes and fixes to the App Product form.

July 10th 2017 Update

Single Use Codes

Fixed issue where some codes expired a day early.