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Recent Updates

February 19th 2019

Revenue Report

Fixed issue where Revenue report could not be exported to PDF or saved to computer.

Mobile App

Fixed issue where the Loyalty Points grid would not show the transaction record ID for AirPay transactions.

February 12th 2019

Revenue Report

Updated the Revenue Report to improve loading times. The report also no longer autoloads when the page is loaded.

Mobile App

Added a Loyalty point history grid for individual users.

Added the ability to adjust the user’s loyalty points.

Added the Wash Club Transaction grid and report.

Added the ability view, add or delete the user’s credit card token.

Added the ability to edit the user’s birthday.

Added the ability to enable email receipts for Wash Club monthly billing. For new mobile app users, this will be enabled by default when they sign up.

Loyalty Account

Added the Prepaid Pass Revenue report. The report shows the total uses for a single loyalty member, total uses per location, total uses per award and average revenue per wash for loyalty member, award and location.

Receipt Codes

Issuing receipt codes can now be enabled or disabled for HTK and app bundle codes redeemed at the HTK. This can be set under Codes->Setup->Receipt Code->Issue Receipt Codes For.

App Wash Bundles

A purchase limit can now be defined for bundles sold in the mobile app. At this time, this is only supported in mobile apps setup for Worldpay.

November 13th 2018

Bundle Codes

Added App Bundle support to the Bundle Grid.

Mobile App

Added individual times and locations for when App Washes and App Bundles were used on the User Purchases Grid.

Added times to the dates on the Claimed Deals grid.

Changed filter to fixed months and years, added revenue per wash for each wash club and added total revenue per wash to Wash Club Report.

Fixed save button on app user vehicle edit form.

Loyalty Account

Fixed issue where Moneris declines on “Bill Current Card” reactivations would generate paid invoices.

Fixed Exact Hosted error when adding a new card.

October 31st 2018

Receipt Codes

Added the ability to enable and disable the printing of receipt codes when various Hosted Solution code types are redeemed at the HTK.

Bundle Codes

Added a Bundle Code grid and report for bundles sold at HTK/CTK kiosks. Accessed from the Codes menu, the Bundle Code grid displays each bundle code, along with the location and date for each individual use.

Mobile App

Added section that displays an app user’s Loyalty Points in the Manage User view.

October 17th 2018

Mobile App

Fixed issue where changing an App User’s Wash Club wouldn’t take effect until the next billing day.

Fixed issue where the App User grid would throw an exception if the Birthday day or month was set to 0.

Fixed issue where the App User grid would throw an exception if the list of App Users was too large.

October 3rd 2018

Mobile App

Moved Claimed Deals and Purchases links from App Users grid to the Manage User view.

Removed Release ID from App User Management section.

Added vehicle edit form for wash clubs to App User Management.

Added Birthday to App User grid.

Removed wash club Use Count from App User grid. NOTE: Use Count can still be seen on Wash Club Report.

Fixed issue where Loyalty Point grid would not load if there was an apostrophe in a Kiosk Item name.

User Roles

Added “Manage App Users” role. This role allows a user to view the App User grid and the Manage User view.

September 25th 2018


Fixed issue where “Add Card” for Loyalty Accounts would not work.

Fixed issue where custom amount wouldn’t work without decimal format for Loyalty Account signups.

Added result page to display response message for declined Moneris transactions.

Media Look Up Grid

Improved load speed.


Changed invoice to display more details from the credit processor response.

App Wash Club

Fixed issue where Wash Club account with EndBillingPending status would not change to inactive at end of billing cycle.

August 29th 2018

Loyalty Member Report

Fixed issue where report would not filter by Loyalty Account ID

Single Use Code Report

Fixed issue where report wouldn't load on Safari.

App User Grid

Improved load speed.

Wash Club Report

Improved load speed.

Fixed Total counts.

Loyalty Messages

Fixed issue where Loyalty message would not save.

Receipt Codes

Fixed issue where terminal ID would not save.

August 14th 2018

Loyalty Member Report

Fixed issue where report would load slow.

Mobile App

Added three Wash Club related columns to the App User grid.

Added new Wash Club report.